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Goa Retreat 2024

“What a fabulous session with Nicky. I had done some chakra journeys before and was looking for a chakra tune up. But what a wonderful experience – from yoga sessions to blissful meditations combined with divine reiki and sound healing – a deep soulful journey.
Nicky is such a beautiful soul with infectious positive energy, while she gently motivates you to go beyond yourself in doing yoga with her skilful guidance, her powerful healing hands and crystals calm you down and and takes you to a blissful place deep inside.
I would love to take this journey again with her and surely recommend her, whether you are just looking to deepen your practice or a deep body mind and soul connection.”

Nutan xxx

Yoga in Goa, India
Nutan – Goa 2024

Ibiza yoga retreat guest from Berlin

“Dearest N.
Thank you a million times for your guidance, your energy and the way you have gently brought us all to a new place this week.
The yoga journey was sometimes challenging, but you pushed us just hard enough to make sure we all arrived at where we were meant to be.
The Reiki healing especially helped me to open up to the WHOLE experience and it is a gift I will always treasure.
You are the rain and sunshine of Ibiza Yoga.
Bless you”


Chakra Yoga with Nicky – Testimonial

“From the very first class I attended at Chakra Yoga with Nicky I absolutely loved Nicola’s enthusiasm, patience, her love of teaching and her wonderful demeanour, everyone is made to feel welcome and she talks and discusses any issues an individual may have including any physical or emotional needs, she then tailors certain postures to take these into account such as using a different posture to achieve the same result such as hip opening, alignment of the back and many other alternative positions, this also includes sitting postures for her meditation teaching styles also.
I have now attended classes and retreats with Nicky in various locations such as India, Ibiza, United Kingdom and each time I feel a sense of feeling of wellbeing, a deep sense of relaxation and a feeling of awareness and mindfulness.
Nicky is also an experienced Reiki master / teacher and I can personally testify to the amazing results I have felt after going through this process, these include a reduction of any stress and anxiety that might be occurring, I have also personally seen colours against my closed eyelids which I have discovered are the colours associated with the ‘Chakras’ the energy centres of the body, this has helped me to let go and feel a sense of deep relaxation and the energy flowing through my body.
I would recommend Chakra Yoga with Nicky to anyone whether they are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, a drop in class or a retreat will leave you with a deep altruistic sense of joy allowing your mind, body and spirit to come back to the self into true alignment, I intend to continue to attend more retreats with Nicky for my continuing personal growth and well being.”



Ibiza Retreat 2022 – Testimonial

“I highly recommend the healing hands of Nicky whilst I experienced on a yoga retreat. Nicky’s compassion caring and humility with her use of crystals was a precious gift while sharing that perfect space in heavenly sunshine together, massage and healing combined!
Yoga sessions are not for the faint hearted. Beautifully timed stretched and taken to an ethereal place of inner peace and tranquility.
Nicky’s sense of fun and laughter together with her positive true nature is something you really should experience.


A journey through the Chakras • India retreat Goa 2024

“This 4 day journey through the Chakras was an incredible experience that I won’t forget and is an absolute game changer for my personal road to the future.
I am so happy that I was guided by Nicky. She is an amazing, lovely and warm hearted woman who does a great job. With her presence and the atmosphere of her beautiful studio I always felt most welcome and safe.
Through the days we worked our ways through the different chakras with meditation, Reiki energy, breath-work techniques, sound healing and yoga. Nicky’s way of opening your chakras and restore your energy flow is incredible!
You will feel a lot of sensations and different energetic states from session to session and will get a lot of personal insights. So expect the unexpected!
This healing process can be a wild rollercoaster ride, but don’t be afraid. Nicky takes care of everyone with her lovely being in a very individualistic way and makes sure that everyone gets what she/he needs.
You don’t have to bring any skills or knowledge. Nicky will guide you through everything like breathing and correct yoga asana postures. In combination with her Reiki energy work, sound healing and guided meditations, you will be able to look beyond your mind and get clarity of what’s going on within you.
It’s a wonderful healing process and I couldn’t think of a better guide than Nicky.
I would definitely go on that journey with her again.

From Germany

Goa Yoga Retreat 2023

“I have just completed Journey through the 7 Chakras with beautiful Nicola Hilton and all I can say is WOOOOOOSAAAAAA💜 What an amazing  life  game changer this course is.
It has been my first time traveling in India and from the very first time I contacted Nicola inquiring about this course through to the very end and even now I have finished Nicky has been there for me answering any questions and helping with any issues, I really have felt safe and comfortable.
Her love, knowledge and passion for her teaching just shine through and  add to that Nicky has the most loving caring, friendly personality not to mention her funny sense of humour. I felt so held on such a personal journey of discovery that
I highly recommending Nicky and her courses to everyone and one day I hope to return.”

Cheryle 💜🙏💜🙏💜

By Axelle from Paris

“Dear Nicky
Thank you for your generosity and love that you gave during yoga sessions.
So powerful yoga that I have experienced so far.
Reiki crystal healing was a life changer for me.
So happy and grateful to have crossed your path and know that I will cross it again!
x Love x”


From Justin (UK)

“I am delighted to recommend Nicky’s Reiki treatments.
My life and health were dramatically transformed soon after my first session.
Although I have a serious illness, I now wake up full of joy, positivity, gratitude and love.
I know for sure Nicky’s Reiki made a difference to my life, and I am incredibly grateful for her energy, love and kindness.”

Justin Silver

Ibiza yoga retreat guest from UK

“Thank you so much for a tremendous weeks Yoga.
Your skill as a teacher is superb and you have a great motivational energy that demands a lot from your students, whilst also being very supportive.”

Kevin (August 2022)

Tina from Germany

“My lovely Nikki
I didn’t quite know what to make of you when we first met, but I grew to love you SO MUCH! You are an amazing human being and a really good teacher. Your classes are so well structured that you can feel all the thought and love put in to making them.
From the bottom of my heart I can say that you are one of the best yoga instructors I have had.
Love you”

Tina (Cologne, Germany)

Daniel from France

Yoga review - France

Let’s take a Chakra Yoga journey together and raise our vibrations, create more awareness, joy and love on this planet.