My story and love of yoga started when I travelled to India back in 1997…

… It was in Goa that I met the most inspiring teachers that lead me to my first experience of authentic Yoga. India became my first love as a yoga holiday destination. My passion for learning Yoga grew stronger with every visit sometimes going as often as 3 times a year for many years. I dipped in and out over the years as I had commitments working in a  successful family  business that later led me to working in hospitality managing a hotel, hosting weddings & events. I was still keeping my connection with yoga by practice and exploring Buddhism philosophy & meditation.
In 2009 I studied with the British Wheel of Yoga in London. I learnt TM ( transcendental meditation ) and this changed my life. I started to lose interest in things that I believed made me happy.  Attachments, I started to let go. I could not believe the profound changes that meditation brought to my life, the benefits so many, that I wanted to learn more. My love affair started with India again and I did intensive training in meditation  to be a certified meditation teacher. The power of meditation opened my energetic pathways and I was drawn to Reiki and a very special Reiki Master Erson Viegas.
My lineage is linked directly to its founder and source Mikao Usui following the traditional method of teaching and healing. I am a certified 3b Third degree Reiki Master/ Teacher. 500 hours Yoga Alliance certified teacher in classical Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa flow.
I plan my own classes and modify to suit students abilities. I truly believe that yoga is for everyone and with  a regular practice will lead you to a sense of peace and well being, flexibility and strength in to ones life. I  feel blessed to share my love of yoga and of what I have learnt over the years through my teaching.
I have travelled wide and far and have lived in India and taught yoga to all different walks of life and cultures. As a teacher I will always be a student as to never stop learning on this wonderful path. A lifetime journey. I now divide my time in UK, Europe and India offering yoga classes and retreats and holistic therapies .

Love & Light

Nicky ❤️


Yoga Instructor Nicola